Closed doors. The fear of open doors.

I have been warned that I leave too many doors open. I would answer that we’re standing in an open field “and what the heck doors are you talking about anyway?”

For instance: Talking about modesty. Talking about alcohol. Talking about sexuality. Talking about how to worship. Talking about smoking. Sometimes even allowing these topics to be open for discussion gets uncomfortable.

I’m not willing to live my life like a topical sermon, assuming that all beliefs I have been handed are true—and working from there.

Life is not a maze. You don’t have to run hysterically down the hall slamming doors lest the monsters come out and get you.

Fundamentalism likes this door:It will never be opened.

What happened to fundamentals? Why are we even talking about alcohol?

So now Together for the Gospel has decided that Complementarianism is a fundamental. (That door doesn’t exist, by the way.) They are looking for doors to close. See what that path got Fundamentalism? Teetotalling, culottes, and only one kind of music in church, ever, world without end amen. More doors.

All this about doors and you’re probably expecting my conclusion:

Jesus is The Door.

And that’s how simple it is. Jesus is the door. Enter, and welcome.

Now you are free.


2 thoughts on “Doors

  1. Dan Salter says:

    And did you read Doug Wilson’s defense of complementarianism as a fundamental? He banishes you (us) to inconsequential work in the red cross tent. Hmm. Wonder how he received authority to open/shut the doors.

  2. Brenda says:

    Thank you : ) And yes–what Dan said about who gives anyone the authority to open/shut doors. Jesus is The Door–what a beautiful, simple truth.

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